Low Sin Yee

Low Sin Yee, a Malaysian female, is our Group Chief Embryologist. She oversees the embryology team and their training.

She graduated with a Bachelor in Applied Biology (Biotechnology) from University of Science Malaysia, Penang in August 2003. She further graduated with a Degree of Master of Science in Clinical Embryology from University of Leeds, United Kingdom in November 2022.

She began her career at Damansara Women’s Specialist Centre / Damansara Fertility Centre (now known as TMC Fertility Centre) as a Trainee Embryologist in May 2003 where she attended the trainee programme and thereafter assisted in setting up the IVF lab procedure. In April 2004, she was transferred to Tropicana Medical Centre (now known as Thomson Hospital) as an Embryologist pursuant to an internal restructuring in TMC Life Sciences Berhad. She was then promoted to a Senior Embryologist in April 2008, where she was responsible for setting up the IVF lab procedure as well as training the embryology team in the company. She left the company in March 2011.

She joined Alpha KL in May 2011 as an IVF Lab Manager where in addition to her responsibilities on training, she assisted in administrative start up work in the fertility centre. In January 2016, she was re-designated as Senior Embryologist, where she was responsible for training the embryology team. She left Alpha KL in October 2017 and joined IVF Nexus Sdn Bhd in November 2017 as a Senior Embryologist where her responsibilities included handling embryology services, assisting in all other aspects of the IVF laboratory, keeping abreast with reproductive technologies and techniques and training to the team. She left the company in February 2021.

She re-joined Alpha KL as a Senior Embryologist in February 2021 where she undertook comparable responsibilities to those she held before departing Alpha KL in 2017. In 1 June 2023, she was promoted to Group Chief Embryologist of Alpha KL. In 1 September 2023, she was redesignated as the Group Chief Embryologist of Alpha IVF where she assumed her current responsibilities.

She has no family relationship with the Promoters, Substantial Shareholders, Directors or Key Senior Management of our Group.

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